The Gaze: Photo Exhibition

This photo series was first exhibited at arts workshop DIY Praha. Taken during trips abroad over many years, the photos didn’t start out as an intentional series, but emerged as a collection only later, looking back at me from thousands of travel snapshots.

While I have special affection for the kind of informal street photography that captures people in unguarded moments, I’ve chosen subjects who are fully aware of being caught on film, giving them a very different relationship to the photographer, and, eventually, to the viewer. Some are people I spoke to; others, I communicated with only through gestures. But in every instance, they are giving their permission to be photographed, and saying a great deal more besides: their responses range from bashfulness or irritation to pride, amusement, and mutual curiosity. Seen in retrospect, these portraits started to cohere not only as a theme for a photographic series, but as a record of moments of human connection. Each portrait represents a conversation, however brief, between people who might not share a common language.

Camel trader, Pushkar, Rajasthan, IndiaGirl, Puerto Viejo, Costa RicaMusician, Hallstatt, AustriaRajasthani woman, Pushkar, IndiaYoung herder, near Ulan Bator, MongoliaForester, Chvaleč, Czech RepublicBathing macaque, near Obuse, JapanBeer drinkers, Červený Kostelec, Czech RepublicCarnival revelers, Roztoky, Czech RepublicAspiring geishas, Kyoto, JapanBeard competitors, Pushkar, IndiaFashionistas, Kyoto, JapanToboggan drivers, Funchal, Madeira, PortugalCleaning crew, Prague, Czech RepublicStation master, near Prague, Czech Republic